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澳门体育在线网址 Welcome to the second day of Electronica & Productronica India 2019.

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这样的展会不容错过,2019印度电子生产设备展会第二天 新扬铃电子欢迎您!
这样的展会不容错过,2019印度电子生产设备展会第二天 新扬铃电子欢迎您!
Welcome to the second day of Electronica & Productronica India 2019.


广东新扬铃电子科技有限公司2019年印度展会第二天新闻快讯抢先看:9月26日,2019 年印度国际电子元器件及生产设备展览会还在持续开展中,展会将持续三天。欢迎各位客户朋友们莅临新扬铃电子展台参观了解。

Guangdong R-Yangling Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. news flash: the  Electronica & Productronica India 2019 is continuing on September 26 and will last for three days. Welcome all of you to visit our R-Yangling Electronic’s booth.



Looking back at the scene of yesterday's exhibition, the exhibition has brought together electronic exhibitors from all over the world. The new platform of electronic components and electronic manufacturing was also fully displayed on the exhibition site, which gave customers the opportunity to have face-to-face communication and negotiation with suppliers in the electronic industry, and helped enterprises to achieve procurement and cooperation



Meanwhile, SMT products which were placed in the R-Yangling Electronic exhibition platform also won the favor of many customers, customers come to the booth to consult about the R-Yangling Electronic sales of SMT accessories and R-Yangling agent sales of Juguangheng laser marking machine. Not only that, customers were also attracted by the marking samples, our colleagues also enthusiastically introduced the Juguangheng laser marking machine to customers in detail. It can mark on different materials according to customer needs of colors, patterns and text. R-Yangling welcomes all of you.



Ok, today's newsletter is here. If you want to know more about our exhibition details, please pay attention to our WeChat public number: yanglingdz、smtyangling、yanglingsmt, we will give you a wonderful picture for the first time.



Exhibition dynamic continue to update......


Looking back on the way, we can not grow without your support, we will continue to work hard to bring you a new vision and a different R-Yangling.
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